Welcome to First Century Christianity! Or at least a website representing the basic differences between mainstream Christianity and what was practiced by the saints of the first century. This website has been up for many years and gets stead traffic by the power of the Holy Spirit. Most people land here because of the page Problems with the Trinity. While it is very difficult to challenge this doctrine today, it simply wasn’t held by the early believers and many people around the world are finally taking another look at this. If you are looking for extensive teaching on this subject, our assembly has a page dedicated to that topic called, appropriately, the Son of God page.

While the Trinity brings a lot of people here, this website is to help people who are questioning all the major doctrines of mainstream Christianity. The early Christians keep the 7th day Sabbath and no other weekly day holy, they did not observe Christmas or Easter, the believed dead people are simply dead, and the understood that we are looking forward to a resurrection where the Kingdom of God will be established here on earth.

While it is clear that all who believe in Jesus, repent, and are Baptized are indeed Christians, there are numerous errors taught as fact in the majority of Christian churches. Most people never challenge these things and, if they do, it doesn’t go well. But if you are on the same path as hundreds of thousands of us and want to get back to the real faith once delivered to the saints, welcome!

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