Here is a list of websites and other resources to help in your walk with God!

Northland Hebrew Roots Fellowship Smithville, MO

This is where this site’s author attends church.


Good Torah study resources here with lots of video content!

Truth on the Web Ministries

There is uncompromising truth on this website!

The Bible Sabbath Association

An association of those who keep the 4th commandment. They also have a publication called The Sabbath Sentinel with articles from various Sabbath keepers.

Church of God Fellowship, Lansing Michigan

Find a congregation here!

Find a congregation here!

Jesus Christ – The Way, The Truth, The Life http://jesuschrist–

This is a website with a forum and good resources that is maintained by a good friend of mine.

Too Long in the Sun

This is a place for research.  Richard Rives wrote a book called Too Long in the Sun that explains in great detail the pagan roots of a whole lot or modern Christianity.
This is a site with good teaching on health and doctrines

Primitive Christianity in Crisis, by Alan Knight

A very enlightening book.  If you do an internet search, it is available for free in pdf form from various sites.

Heartland Church of God

Sabbath and Holy Day observing congregation in Tonganoxie, KS (West of the KC Metro)

Mid-Missouri Church of God

Sabbath and Holy Day congregation in Eldon, MO

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