While the birth of Jesus, Yeshua the Messiah, was a miracle, the actual date of His birth is not actually recorded. Based on the context of the scriptures, we can be absolutely certain that it was not on December 25 or even in the winter. Jesus is the Lion of Judah, a descendant of King David so if His birth had been recorded, it would have been on the Hebrew calendar, not the Julian or Gregorian.

The celebration of the birth of Christ in winter is another pagan holiday that has been merged into the faith once delivered to the saints. There was a sun-god that myths subscribe December 25th as his birth and his name is Mithra. A study of Mithraism will show some incredible parallels with mainstream Christianity that aren’t in the Bible and can’t be ignored. Mithra was a sun-god, so he was worshiped on Sunday, not Sabbath. He is also often times depicted with a nimbus or halo around his head. Another celebration in winter from the pagan gods is called the Saturnalia, which is directly where the “12 days of Christmas” comes from, yule logs, mistletoe, and various other traditions we ascribe to Christmas.

The reformers largely stopped Christmas because they saw that it has no place in a Christian home. A brief history of this is available at This is a link to a modern Church that remains Protestant, a term that has largely fallen out of favor. Richard Rives, one who believes in the faith once handed to the saints, has a page about Christmas that is a very good resource, too The earliest historical record of anyone celebrating Christmas, December 25th, as the birth of Christ is 336 AD. This is 300 years after the Gospel went out to the nations and the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

The celebration of Christmas is simply in conflict with the worship of the true God. Israel was destroyed because they bowed down to false gods over and over. Observing a pagan festival in the name of God is an abomination to Him. Remember what happened to Aaron’s sons when they sacrificed strange fire to God. Remember what happened to the Hebrews when they made the golden calf and declared a festival that God did not authorize. Remember what happened at 1 Kings 12:25-33 when a false Sabbath was instituted specifically to compete with the true appointed times of God. Christmas is a festival that Satan has put in to replace the festivals of God.

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