This website is to help people who are questioning the doctrines of mainstream Christianity with a focus on what the first century Christians would have believed. While it is clear that all who believe in Jesus, repent, and are Baptized are indeed Christians, there are numerous errors taught as fact in the majority of Christian churches. Perhaps you have never fully understood the Trinity or how Jesus was supposedly crucified on a Friday and resurrected on a Sunday which doesn’t add up to three days and three nights. Maybe you can’t understand how the pagan holidays got into Christianity or how dead people are supposed to still be alive in heaven but will be resurrected at a later date. That’s probably because the doctrines we’ve been taught are simply wrong. The Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth, so if something does not feel right, then it needs to be studied and proven either wrong or right.

A great many of us are experiencing a spiritual awakening. We are challenging the things we were taught as fact and discovering the Hebrew roots of Christianity. Things we have held dear from our youth are actually in opposition to the Bible and the one true God, Almighty Yahweh, and we are forced to decide whom we will serve. Well, you are not alone.

So the mission of this ministry is to be a resource to those whom God is calling out. As such, much of the material here will be “milk and not solid food”. While the Hebrew terms for God and His son, Yahweh and Yeshua, are much better than the modern-day God and Jesus, it can be confusing for new people. However, both methods of identifying the Creator and His perfect Messiah will be used throughout the site. We are also interested in networking and fellowship, so if you have a website or a group, please contact us so we can help publicize your group. Any help publicizing this site is very much appreciated, too!