The Northland Hebrew Roots Fellowship

A couple months ago I was visiting my friends Debbie and Jerry Sullivan at the Upper Room Ministry in Merriam, KS. After the meeting a lady whom I had never met before came up to me and said that God had plans for me and she wanted to pray for me. Afterwards, I asked God to make the plans unmistakable so that I would not a) miss it, or b) mess it up. Not long afterwards I received an email from Francis Schork calling a meeting to make a formal KC Northland group of Sabbath and Holy Day keepers.

Three families made that meeting: the Schork’s, the Bridges, and the DeWeese’s. We settled on a name and began divvying up the responsibilities on the spot. A couple of us started looking for meeting space and we very quickly obtained permission to use the basement of the First Bank of Missouri in Smithville, MO each Shabbat as long as we like. God made it obvious and I thank Him for it!

So begins the Northland Hebrew Roots Fellowship We meet each Sabbath at 2:30pm in the basement of the First Bank of Missouri at 1304 South 169 Highway Smithville, MO 64089. We have a potluck, also called an oneg, each week so please bring a dish when you come to visit. You can expect lively Messianic and contemporary Christian music and perhaps even some Davidic dancing. Children will be blessed each week and invited to participate in the service if they wish. We have a short message during the service, then fellowship meal, and end with a study for those that wish to. The service breaks at 6:30pm each week. The only caution is that it is in a basement and there are stairs that need to be navigated. We ask that you all pray to Yahweh in the name of His Son that our congregation be blessed and have the Spirit poured out on us generously so that our humble assembly may serve and be a light to the community around us.