Do You Know Any Puritans?

Rush Limbaugh has produced a book for pre-teens that tells the story of the Pilgrims landing in the “New World” in a unique manner. The two of my children who are able to read at the level of Rush Revere both thoroughly enjoyed the book. Limbaugh does well to explain that William Bradford and company left Europe because they were not free to practice their religion as they saw fit. They were, in fact, fleeing persecution from the Church of England.

The Puritans were also called “Saints” by non-puritans as a derogatory term. They wore their faith on their sleeve. All they wanted was a place where they could set up life as they interpreted the Bible. This included, as Limbaugh wrote, not ever working on the Sabbath. They kept the wrong day holy, Sunday, but they did very much observe the day as the true Sabbath should be observed. Limbaugh does not mention it, but they also did not observe any of the Romish or Church of England holidays. They specifically did not observe Christmas.

Yes, it is that time of year again where those of us who do not observe Christmas come out of the woodwork and proclaim the pagan realities of this false holiday. Here is an article where Richard Rives and Jim Staley give solid testimony about why to separate ourselves from this day. There is no need to rehash the history here since it has been done at length by many who have studied to show themselves approved. But the question remains: Do you know any Puritans?

The answer should be “yes” for those who read this website. While we have not had to endure nearly starving, freezing, and a very slow sail across the Atlantic, we have gone further than those “Saints” with respect to applying the Bible to our lives. We are setting ourselves apart from Babylon more each day as we study and discover that our fathers inherited lies. Our Christmas decorations have gone to the land fill or the burn barrel. The crosses have come down and been replaced with the 10 Commandments. Our cabinets have been purged of all food that Yahweh has prohibited. We have replaced Sunday church attendance with true observance of the 4th commandment, keeping the Sabbath day holy from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. Some have even moved out of the cities and into the country in order to be separated from negative influences. We observe the annual appointed times in Torah instead of the syncretized ones. The list goes on and grows by the day as we learn.

But those negative influences keep coming, just like they did for William Bradford and his assembly prior to their departure. Bradford and company fled the reaches of the Church of England over doctrinal disputes. Today, there are folks who are determined to defile anything someone who believes that Yeshua is the Son of God believes. Bill O’Reilly is on his yearly rant scouring the country to find anybody who dares to call a Christmas tree a “holiday tree”. The atheists eat it up because they know the pagan truth of the day and it’s associated practices. But the atheists, wanting to be provocative, push on. It is interesting to see the atheists evangelize using the same material those of us who believe like the early congregation does. This is also an issue where I am conflicted. While I do not support the false holidays, I also am deeply opposed to someone using the force of government or litigation to forbid the free practice of religion.

A friend of mine made an incredibly powerful statement on her Facebook page about a week ago to illustrate the absurdity of Christmas in the Christian churches. She posted that she decided that she liked the Muslim holidays and she was going to start observing them in the name of Yeshua. The Bible talks of fasting, so why don’t we observe Ramadan? The Hebrews marched around Jericho so why don’t we do the same thing at the Haj? I mean, it doesn’t really matter what the holiday really is if we do it while thinking of Yahweh and His Son, right? She was being absurd to illustrate absurdity. How many conservative Christians would tolerate such a thing in their congregations? But, at the same time, how many of them joyfully decorate the church Christmas tree every year? Would the Puritans have observed the Haj or had a Christmas tree?


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