We’ve Created a Monster

In our circles, the phrase “called out of Babylon” is used to identify believers like us. This is from Revelation, but more specifically from the definition of “Babylon” in Genesis which is “confusion”. Most often on this site, being “called out of Babylon” means to be called out of the doctrinal confusion of mainstream Christianity and having the scales fall from our eyes.

In Revelation 18 we see a country called “Babylon” (referred to in the feminine ‘her’ as well) being declared to be fallen and it brings all the merchants who have done business with her to ruin. Verse three is an eye-opener because it says “all the nations” are complicit in her immoralities. EVERY leader on earth has had relations with this power and she has a smiting coming the likes there has never been before. The immoralities are a reference to spiritual harlotry which is called “syncretism”. This is the blending of pagan or forbidden customs with the ways of the true God, Yahewh, and his Son. More on syncretism later, today is about the financial dealings of this Babylonian power.

In 2008, the nation of Iceland went bankrupt. Why did this country go bankrupt? Because people in California defaulted on home loans they never should have had in the first place. What does one thing have to do with the other? Because we live under an incomprehensible Babylonian-ish world economic system. Iceland invested it’s tax revenue into mortgage backed securities. When the housing bubble popped, that county’s government lost all of its wealth. How can home loans be considered assets? How much less can bad home loans be considered assets? Up is down and down is up, that’s how.

Today we see more of this foolishness. This article from the New York Times  declares there is “global fear” about America defaulting on its national debt. What is the solution to the USA not defaulting on its debt? Increase its borrowing limit, that’s what. Never mind, though, that the USA can afford to pay the interest on its debt without borrowing more money. The point is that the entire world’s economic activity depends in some measure on the United States of America borrowing immeasurable sums of money on an ongoing basis.

Why does the United States need to borrow so much money? Because we are the world’s sugar-daddy, that’s why. When people in the US retire, they get a pension (despite it not actually being funded). Retirees in the US need health care? We’ve got it covered, even though we didn’t fund that program either. Egypt needs an air force? Check. Tidal wave in Southeast Asia? We’re on the spot rescuing everyone. Earthquake in Iran? We’re on the way. We can solve EVERYBODY’S problems – even if they hate us. Oh, and not only will we rescue you, feed you, clothe you, and house you, we’ll pick up the tab, too. We have UNLIMITED resources, not only for our citizens, but for anyone who can get here and even everybody who can’t! All we need to do is authorize ourselves to borrow an unlimited amount of money so we can pay the interest on the money we borrowed yesterday, then the other large countries will continue to lend us money so that we can then go solve the world’s problems. Then, the countries who we have saved get to loan us money so we pay them interest for essentially saving them. The countries who are our enemies also profit from this mess because we send them immeasurable amounts of food aid that we bought with money we borrowed from other countries that don’t like us. Make sense?

Of course it makes no sense. And it is going to come to a screeching halt. At some point this house of cards is going to come down. Is it this year? Next year? Five years from now? Who knows? Is America the Babylon of Revelation 18? Maybe. But John the Revelator has given us the message: someday the whole thing is coming down. And it ain’t gonna be pretty.

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